Rebalance your body with cleansing foods for spring. This list of   in-season foods are most beneficial if you want to detox and keep your digestive and lymph systems working at their peak. These foods can help you feel better and  prevent illness during the months of spring!

*Alfalfa Sprouts Anise Apples Canola
Artichokes Asafoetida Blueberries *Corn
*Asparagus Basil *Dried Fruit (all) Flax
*Bean Sprouts Bay Leaf Grapefruit Mustard
Beets *Black Pepper Lemons, Limes Safflower
*Bell Peppers Chamomile Papayas Soy
*Bitter Melon Caraway Pears Sunflower
Broccoli Cardamom Pomegranates (sour) NUTS & SEEDS
*Brussels Sprouts *Cayenne Raspberries Filberts
*Cabbage Cinnamon Strawberries Pinons
*Carrots *Clove All Berries Pumpkin
*Cauliflower Coriander LEGUMES *Sunflower
*Celery Cumin *All Sprouted Beans DAIRY
*Chicory Dill Adzuki Ghee (moderation)
*Chillies, dried Fennel Black Gram Lowfat yogurt (moderation)
Cilantro Fenugreek Garbanzo Rice/Soy milk
*Collard Greens Garlic Fava *Goat milk
*Corn Ginger *Goya BEVERAGES
*Dandelion Horseradish *Kidney Black Tea (moderation)
*Endive Marjoram *Lentils Coffee (moderation)
Fennel Mustard *Lima Water (room temp. to hot)
*Garlic Nutmeg *Mung SWEETENERS
Ginger Oregano Split Pea *Honey - Raw
*Green Beans Peppermint GRAINS Maple Syrup
*Hot Peppers Poppy Seeds Amaranth Molasses
Jicama Rosemary Barley CONDIMENTS
*Kale Saffron Buckwheat Carob
Leeks Sage Corn Pickles
*Lettuce Spearmint Millet  
*Mushrooms Thyme Oats, dry  
*Mustard Greens Turmeric Quinoa  
*Onions HERB TEAS Rice, Brown, long grain  
*Parsley Alfalfa Rye  
*Peas *Cardamom LEAN MEAT & FISH  
*Potatoes, baked *Chicory Chicken  
*Radishes *Cinnamon Duck (moderation)  
Seaweed *Cloves Eggs (moderation)  
Snow Peas *Dandelion Freshwater fish  
*Spinach *Ginger Lamb (moderation)  
*Swiss Chard *Hibiscus Ocean fish (moderation)  
*Turnips *Orange Peel Turkey  
*Watercress *Strawberry Leaf  

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